Keeping Employees Productive
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Keeping Employees Productive

Last year, I realized that a few of our employees did not have the best intentions when they came to work. It seemed like their goal was to slack off and avoid work, and it was really frustrating. I realized that I had to do something in order to make things right, so I started working with them to train them. I also installed a camera system and explained the consequences of their actions. Within about six months, we were able to completely overhaul things, and it made a huge difference. This blog is all about keeping employees productive and on track, so that you can keep your company viable.


Keeping Employees Productive

  • Reducing Pipe Weld Stress

    17 September 2020

    It is often the case that pipes will need to undergo welding. Whether this is due to the need to join different sections of piping or to repair damages that may have occurred, there are some important factors to consider about having your business's pipes welded. How Does Welding Cause Stress To The Pipe? It is an unfortunate reality that welding work can add a substantial amount of stress to the pipes that are undergoing it.

  • Three Types Of Animal Calendars To Buy

    21 August 2020

    If you love animals, you might look for frequent opportunities to buy different products for your home that have animal themes. One such example is a wall or desk calendar for your kitchen or home office. When you shop for a new calendar, you'll almost always find a wide range of animal calendars from which to choose. Whether you look for a product that features one or more animals that you love or you notice a product that has particularly impressive photography, you can choose the right one to use in your home.

  • Something Sew Wrong? 3 Signs Your Sewing Machine Needs Professional Repairs

    8 July 2020

    There's nothing worse than having your sewing machine break down in the middle of a project. If you sew on a regular basis, it's bound to happen. One way to reduce the risk of breakdowns is to get your sewing machine serviced at least once a year. If you do a lot of sewing, you should increase the service to at least twice a year. Beyond that, it's also important that you pay attention to the way your sewing machine is handling.

  • New To Agriculture? Stop Wasting Your Grain And Money

    8 July 2020

    If you're new to the grain or agriculture industry, you may expect to experience one or two problems as you get your business off the ground. But if you repeatedly experience multiple problems with your crops, such as spoilage and poor harvesting, you may need to look into how you operate your business. You could lose more than just crops. You could also lose money. Stop wasting grain and money by using the tips below.

  • Are You Wanting To Become A Better You? Join An Interactive Self-Help Community Platform

    18 May 2020

    Do you feel like you have not accomplished nearly as much as you would have liked? Wishing you could become a better version of yourself? If this is how you are feeling, it is not too late to become a self-motived and productive person. You might want to join an interactive self-help community platform to get the support you are seeking. Figure Out Your Purpose in Life  While everyone has a reason for living, not everyone understands what their purpose is in life.